Black satin underbust corset with 24 steel bones

Black satin underbust corset with 24 steel bones



Steel boned satin underbust corset

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Are you looking for a simple corset on your waist that will tighten you, lighten your spine and make your neck cleavage? Do you want to bet on a quality product that will have sufficient shaping and width function to keep it in your wardrobe permanently? This model with 24 steel bones provides all this.

Strongly tightening corset in a quality design. Black satin, solid lacing. Thanks to the steel reinforcement and solid lacing on the back, it shapes the figure beautifully. Comfortable to wear. You can also wear such a black corset under your breasts under your clothes, but it is even more beautiful on a blouse, T-shirt or dress. You can wear it to work or to society.
Care on the label.

Material: Polyester 90% Spandex 10%.

Size Chart

Size Waist(cm) Length(cm)
XS 55 30
S 60 30
M 65 30
L 70 30
XL 75 30
2XL 80 30
3XL 85 30
4XL 90 30
5XL 95 30
6XL 100 30

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